Episodes and Updates for #YAFPNW

Paraplanning: Finding the Perfect Fit

As the founder of Simply Paraplanner, Alex Hopkin, AFC®, CFP®, has created a home for paraplanners and financial planning firms to connect. Simply Paraplanner offers a space for paraplanners to grow their skillsets and find virtual work, and a spot for financial planning practice owners to find a paraplanner that’s a perfect fit for their needs. Ready to learn more? Tune in now!

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Growing a Practice with Project and Hourly Planning

If you’ve ever considered buying a financial planning practice, want to know more about growing a multi-location practice, or wondered how a national, virtual team works together to serve clients on hourly and project-based financial planning cases – this episode is for you. Anna Sergunina, CFP®, covers a lot of ground, and every minute of this podcast is jam-packed with valuable information!

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Exploring Career Paths and A Better Way to Manage

Brent Beene, CFP®, MS and Matt Masterson, CFP®, CPWA®, are both wealth advisors at Regent Atlantic – a financial planning practice in New York. Whether you’re a new planner who is looking to learn more about how to find a firm with cultivated career tracks, or you’re a firm owner who wants to implement a similar system in your own practice – this episode is a must-listen!

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Managing Others Well

It can be challenging as a new financial planner to step into a managing role. In this #YAFPNW round table, we’re sitting down with four amazing financial planners to talk about what they’ve learned about being a manager within their financial planning practice.

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Finding Financial Wellness as a Career Path

Camille Bouvet’s story is perfect for anyone who has ever felt that the traditional career of an advisor doesn’t quite meet the type of client relationships they want to have, or the kind of financial guidance they want to be giving. If you’ve ever wondered about what it’s like to be a financial coach, or to focus on financial wellness – tune in now!

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