Episodes and Updates for #YAFPNW

Finding Financial Wellness as a Career Path

Camille Bouvet’s story is perfect for anyone who has ever felt that the traditional career of an advisor doesn’t quite meet the type of client relationships they want to have, or the kind of financial guidance they want to be giving. If you’ve ever wondered about what it’s like to be a financial coach, or to focus on financial wellness – tune in now!

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New Year, New Hosts

Today we’re introducing our three new #YAFPNW hosts! Ian Harvey, Alexandria Davis, and Matt Fizell, all bring unique perspectives to the table – and we’re thrilled to have them with us this year.

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Leaving a Legacy: A Case for Mentorship Within Financial Planning

This episode is a moving testament to everything that a mentor can do for you. Allison Masoero goes into detail about how her relationship with Jeanne Robinson, CFP®, impacted and changed her life, how her relationship with her other firm members are constantly pushing her to be the best planner she can be, and her deep desire to continue the tradition of mentorship to the next generation of financial planners.

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Finding Yourself in a New Normal

Ian Harvey, CFP(R) shares how important it is to find a firm culture that fits who you are and what you value. He shares his career journey through excellent firms to find the one that was the right fit for him. Ian also outlined how he thinks through working with Millennial clients and how important it is to build a solid business case.

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Developing a Personal Marketing Plan

Eddie Kramer, CFP®, works with Abacus Planning Group to build out their team and encourage everyone to bring their best self to work. He firmly believes that large financial planning firms aren’t dependent on a few rainmakers, or a handful of heroes who bring in business. Instead, he focuses on celebrating every member of the team who each contributes their own unique skill set to their firm’s growth.

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