In the world of financial regulation, it’s easy for the voices of fiduciary financial planners to get drowned out. One of Skip Schweissmany jobs is to give financial planners like you and I the microphone, and raise awareness about the fiduciary movement both in Washington and in our public communication with consumers.

Skip truly believes that a lot of the consumer confusion around the distinction between financial planners and brokers comes directly from how we define the financial planning profession. There’s such a lack of definition and regulation when it comes to titling who is and who isn’t a financial planner. This confusion is frustrating for many planners in the profession, and unfortunately leads to many consumers being led astray.

Skip Schweiss is the Managing Director of Advisor Advocacy at TD Ameritrade and the President of TD Ameritrade’s Trust company. Skip works closely with trade associations and works to amplify the voices of financial planners to Washington representatives and policy makers. He also focuses on how to best identify how advisors feel about proposals and regulation, and continually advocate for their interests.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How advisors are being advocated for in Washington
  • How regulation impacts our profession
  • What different interest groups exist
  • Why it’s so difficult to push for better regulation and disclosure that protects our clients
  • How the fiduciary standard is being protected
  • Why the CFP® certification means so much
  • What an industry-wide fiduciary standard may look like
  • What regulations are currently in place to protect consumers at the federal and state level
  • Are regulations a benefit or a threat to the profession?
  • How technology impacts our profession