In today’s episode Charesse J Hagan, Kelli Cruz, and Heather Fortner join Kate Healy from TD Ameritrade for a panel discussion at LINC 2018. They offer fascinating insight on how non-advisor roles in the financial planning profession are evolving – and why they’re important!

So many people within the financial planning profession are hyper-focused on becoming an advisor. When working toward being a revenue-generating advisor is the only career path available, many people who are happy performing their current non-advisor role feel lost within the profession, and struggle to find their place. Everyone is able to take ownership of their role within an advisory firm, and building out career paths in operations, investments, or compliance can help everyone find their stride.

People each have a unique skill set, and helping people find their sweet spot where their skill set and their passions overlap can motivate non-advisors to build and grow their own career path within a firm. This panel covers so much fantastic information, from how to build non-advisor career paths as a profession, to the best way to motivate non-revenue-generating employees within your firm to scale, grow, and find success as a team.

Whether you have back office employees at your firm, or you’re new to this profession and aren’t sure whether or not being a client-facing advisor is right for you – this podcast episode is a must-listen!

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How to navigate a career path when there is no career path at your firm
  • How to free up time for your advisory team by delegating, outsourcing, or finding a technology solution
  • The best ways to motivate team members, even if they aren’t firm owners or on track to be firm owners
  • Why it takes people with different skill sets and passions to scale a firm successfully
  • How to stretch yourself to think beyond your revenue to see value in everyone’s role
  • How to give non-advisors the resources they need to lower cost and be successful
  • How to work virtually with either contractor or full time employees who aren’t client-facing
  • How firms can know what their next hire should be
  • How to organize your back office with exceptional processes
  • Questions firms should ask before hiring a non-advisor role 


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