Starting A Firm:

Starting a financial planning firm can be daunting! We’ve got your back. Tune in to these episodes of the #YAFPNW podcast to learn more about launching your own RIA, making good decisions for your practice from the start, and how to execute your unique vision.

The Quest for “Purpose First” Planning

Ian Bloom, CFP®, is a nerdy financial planner and proud of it. In this episode, he talks about his path to financial planning, how he’s developed his own “niche” based on his interests, and the importance of sharing content with your audience from Day One.

Charging What is Fair

In this episode, Dan Yerger, MBA, CFP®, AIF®, CDFA®, talks about his extensive work in the financial planning profession, pro bono work, compensation calculations, and why he’s removing transactions from his fee model.

Charging Clients for Exactly What They Want

In this episode, we talk to Kara Beth Vance, CFP®, who works as an advisor at hourly planning firm, Timothy Financial Counsel, in Wheaton, IL. She shares in the ins and outs of the hourly financial planning model, as well as how it benefits the firm, the advisors, and of course the clients.

Living in Beta

In this episode Jonathon Cameron and Glenn Downing of Cameron-Downing show us how they are living their lives in “beta.” They believe this phrase means always being willing to grow, improve, and learn – never the “final” version of themselves as business owners or financial planners.

Venturing Into Entrepreneurship

In this episode with Stephen Rischall, CFP®, we’re focusing on what it means to run your own financial planning practice with a team. We’re discussing the ups and downs, the big wins and the challenges. Stephen’s story is incredibly inspiring, and his insights are spot-on!

Starting an RIA Serving the Next Generation

Steven Fox, CFP®, founded his fee-only financial planning firm, Next Gen Financial Planning, in 2016. As a business owner, Steven has learned to serve a wide range of millennial clients. He practices on a unique model of wealth management that focuses on managing student loans, getting started with investing, and more.

What it Means to Be a Business Owner

Taylor Schulte has a refreshing take on financial planning, living life as a business owner, and being a young financial planner in today’s world. This episode is a must-listen for any financial planner looking for advice on starting their own RIA, or are wondering whether the risk of business ownership is worth it.

Defining Success as a Business Owner

Chloé Moore has always known financial planning was for her. This episode will provide many valuable insights into how you can develop a career that helps you achieve your unique vision and definition of success.

Finding Your Fit in the Financial Planning Profession

Eric Roberge, owner and founder of Beyond Your Hammock, had a long journey in the financial planning profession. He shares his story and how he doesn’t regret testing out several different roles before finding the one that fit his lifestyle best.

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