Matt Fizell, CFP®

Matt Fizell is a paraplanner with an appreciation for everyone’s unique story. He originally went to college with the intent of becoming an engineer. Matt soon realized, though, that his true passion rested in understanding finances and breaking down taboos around money. He finished his CFP® program at UW-Madison in 2015 and currently practices as a Certified Financial Planner™. Matt is actively involved in the paraplanning program at Southern Methodist University and has served multiple financial planners through his paraplanning firm.

As a host for You’re a Financial Planner, Now What? Matt loves diving into how people got where they are today. He also wants to capture their unique talents and interests, so new and younger planners can connect with the guests and learn something they can implement in their own life and work. On top of that, Matt’s goal is to help new and younger planners find their fit in the profession faster than he did. But most of all, he wants to educate and empower other planners so the financial planning profession, as a whole, can reach its full potential.

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