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Are you ready to have significant success in your financial planning career? At #YAFPNW, we want to help you get there! These episodes of the podcast will help guide you toward success, learn how to approach situations wisely and with confidence, and grow as a financial planner.

The Financial Power of Philanthropy

Arlene Cogen, CFP®, is a philanthropic leadership consultant and author of Give to Live: Make a Charitable Gift You Never Imagined. During this episode, she shares how she made the transition into philanthropy, what she’s doing to engage the next generation, and why it’s important to make charitable gifts that embody your core values.

How Practical Wisdom Helps Clients Navigate Uncertainty

Dayana Kupisk, PhD, is the author of The Practical Guide to Making Wise Financial Decisions. She’s also an employee development consultant and coach with a research focus on practical wisdom in the workplace. In this episode, she talks about her research, her book, and how financial planners can engage clients and develop practical wisdom.

Charging What is Fair

In this episode, Dan Yerger, MBA, CFP®, AIF®, CDFA®, talks about his extensive work in the financial planning profession, pro bono work, compensation calculations, and why he’s removing transactions from his fee model.

Solving Today’s Problems and Building Trust for Tomorrow

Charles Adi is a financial advisor who owns and operates his own firm, Blueprint 360, in Houston, TX. In this conversation, Charles opens up about his background, the path that brought him to financial planning, and how he’s grown a thriving firm from the ground up.

The Correlation Between Mentorship & NexGen Success

René Nourse is the founder and Managing Director of Urban Wealth Management, a guest commentator on CNBC Closing Bell, and President of the Association of African American Financial Advisors. Listen to René’s insights on the progress of the profession, the role of inclusion, and how to find your place in it on this week’s episode.

The Importance of Service, Trust, & a Shining Reputation

Tiffany Aliche, AKA The Budgetnista, is an award-winning financial educator, blogger, podcast host, speaker, and the founder of the Live Richer Academy. On this episode, Tiffany shares her story, how she grew her business into an enterprise, and why service and education are critical in the financial planning profession.

Succession Plans, Student Loans & Craft Beer

From his unconventional start in financial planning to his current “title” as the Student Loan & Craft Beer Nerd of Pittsburgh, Ryan Galiotto, CFP®, walks us through his story and shares the role that personal branding has played in his work and life.

Where Education and Practice Meet

Christine Damico, CFP®, EA, is a teacher of the profession and trailblazer of her firm. In her many years teaching at Virginia Tech, and now through her residency program at Olio Financial Planning, Christine has developed a clear idea of how focused education and residency programs can impact NexGen planners – and the profession as a whole.

Find Your Place in the Profession

In this episode, Luis F. Rosa, CFP®, EA, covers the importance of mentorship, how to define your place within the profession as a new planner, and how everyone can find a home within financial planning.

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