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Are you ready to have significant success in your financial planning career? At #YAFPNW, we want to help you get there! These episodes of the podcast will help guide you toward success, learn how to approach situations wisely and with confidence, and grow as a financial planner.

Find Your Place in the Profession

In this episode, Luis F. Rosa, CFP®, EA, covers the importance of mentorship, how to define your place within the profession as a new planner, and how everyone can find a home within financial planning.

Leveraging Opportunities for Your Career

In this episode, Molly Balunek gives action items for financial planners to take when they’re looking to be the best CFP® professional – whether they want to develop a career track at their firm or eventually start their own business.

Finding Your Identity, Purpose, and Impact

In this episode with Jocelyn D. Wright, CFP®, you’ll learn how you can start to develop your own personal vision for your career as a financial planner, how to outline your core values as a NexGen planner, and the best ways to communicate your identity in this profession. Ready to dive in? Tune in now!

The Value of Next Generation Planners

Nathan Harness from Texas A&M and Kate Healy from TD Ameritrade Institutional join us at this year’s NexGen Gathering. Together, they explore a wide range of topics about the next generation of financial planners, and how they plug into the financial planning profession’s landscape.

A Mindset for Career and Succession Planning Success

Debbie Grose, CFP®, Chief Operating Officer of Lake Tahoe Wealth Management, is a dynamic woman in the world of financial planning. She’s passionate about mentorship, and has often led the charge when it comes to guiding new planners through successful careers. In this episode, Debbie is going over how her experience with succession planning went, what she would have done differently, and how new planners can start conversations around ownership in their own firm.

Professional Growth and Management

Yusuf Abugideiri, CFP®, is a Partner and Senior Financial Planner at Yeske Buie®. In this episode, he explores his own career growth, how he has both managed up, and managed employees, and how he’s grown as a financial planner through intentional mentorship.

Career Paths in Banking: From Teller to Financial Planner

In this episode, Suzie Eyrich, CFP®, is shares her experiences at both an RIA and a bank that leads with financial planning. She also shows us how to grow your experience as a new planner and the best ways to confidently (and respectfully) advocate for yourself and the career you want.

Redefining Expectations and Personal Brands

Finding a balance between work, growing a brand, and living a life you love is key for Brittney Castro, CFP®, and in this episode she encourages all planners to do the same. Brittney has some fantastic insights both on being a planner and on being a business owner – or just a busy professional looking to accomplish amazing things!

Leaving a Legacy: A Case for Mentorship Within Financial Planning

This episode is a moving testament to everything that a mentor can do for you. Allison Masoero goes into detail about how her relationship with Jeanne Robinson, CFP®, impacted and changed her life, how her relationship with her other firm members are constantly pushing her to be the best planner she can be, and her deep desire to continue the tradition of mentorship to the next generation of financial planners.

A Conversation with the “Dean of Financial Planning”

Harold Evensky, sometimes called The “Dean” of Financial Planning, loves this profession. This year, he was awarded with the P. Kemp Fain, Jr. Award – which is often equated to the lifetime achievement award for financial planners. It was an honor to have him on this episode of #YAFPNW!

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