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Join Your Planner Peers for the 16th annual

FPA NEXGEN Gathering

June 2 – 4, 2019

at Loyola University in New Orleans!


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Attend NexGen Gathering 2019 because…


✓ You found a career you’re passionate about.

✓ You have the education and knowledge.

✓ You see the potential.

You’re ready to take your career to the next level!


Come join us for two days to build your network and connect with your peers. Bring pressing topics and questions as we “Take Action Together” in beautiful New Orleans! Not only will you have a chance to connect with your peers, our professional ambassadors bring their specific expertise to Gathering to help you grow as a professional. 

Passionate Planners

Join a community of like-minded planners from all over the country!

There Are No Stupid Questions

All topics are fair game. Find out what’s worked and what hasn’t from planners of all experience levels.

Key to Success

Gathering is a great opportunity to form study groups, meet new friends, and a cultivate a peer network.


Take Action

Together we will give back to the community and catalyze our impact on the Financial Planning profession.

“An absolute must attend event at least once early in a career. I’ve been thrice and each time my career transformed a bit.”

-Nathan Gehring, CFP®

“You meet some of the greatest people that you’ll grow alongside for your whole career. I’ve been twice, and both times I came back more excited to do my job and take ownership in the future of our profession.”

-Emma Cramm, CFP®

“It felt like coming home. It was so freeing to meet other young planners who were passionate about the same things I was, who had the same questions that I did, and who made me feel so comfortable and welcome in the community.”

-Jude Boudreaux, CFP®

“I had an incredible time last year at Gathering. Great discussions on just about every angle to financial planning. Plus, there is a passion for the profession that burns within the group and I loved being able to add some fuel to that fire.”

-Dan Moisand, CFP®

“When I went to Gathering, I was shocked at how many people were like me wondering the same things. I ended up connecting with so many others at a deep level and we’re still great friends today. Gathering is a way better value than any large scale conference.”

-Bryan Hasling, CFP®

“It’s about being part of a community and having the discussions that matter.”

Conference Pricing for Members

Meet our Hosts

Saundra Davis

Saundra Davis is a financial coach and educator with a passion for teaching people to use their financial resources in a way that is congruent with their values and their heart’s desire. Saundra, a veteran of the US Navy, is an advocate of living mindfully and teaches individuals, communities, and the staff of non-profit organizations how to identify, understand and work within their personal money beliefs to become their own financial expert. She is a distinguished professor in Golden Gate University’s Personal Financial Planning program and provides coaching skills training for financial professionals.

Michael Branham

Mike is a Partner and Senior Financial Planner at The Planning Center, Inc (TPC).  He is a former FPA of MN board member, former NexGen President, and a former FPA (National) President, and has been an active FPA member since 2001.  Mike has been committed to the growth and recognition of financial planning as a distinct and recognized profession and is dedicated to financial planners acting as fiduciaries in their work with clients.  He has led the FPA’s Advocacy Committee (now Legislative and Regulatory Issues Committee, or LRIC), and is currently the Chair of FPA’s Member Advisory Council (MAC).  Mike and his wife, Julie, have three children (Tyler, Alea and Zack) and currently reside in Burnsville. MN.  Mike and Julie will relocate to Anchorage, AK upon his youngest son’s high school graduation in Spring 2020.  

and of course…

The 2019 Ambassadors!

“Gathering fosters thoughtful conversations about our profession. It is also a great way to develop your network and create meaningful connections throughout the industry.”

Jocelyn Wright


“NexGen has been such a positive force in my life. I met 5 other guys at my first NexGen meeting that are still with me as my study group, and they’re the most positive force in my life outside of my wife and kids. This year’s Gathering is in my hometown, at my alma mater, and I’m so thrilled to be a part of it.”

Jude Boudreaux


“I have always enjoyed teaching newcomers in our profession and it’s about having those important discussions that we can all learn from. I have always said we can learn from each other and Gathering provides the venue for that to happen.”

Scott Kahan


“Gathering is where the best and brightest minds meet to develop long lasting friendships and gain valuable insight from their peers. Passionate members of our financial planning community connect at Gathering and take meaningful action to elevate our profession.”

Rita Cheng


“My first career was in teaching so I’m a career changer. Attending Gathering in 2016 was the first time I spent an extended period of time with other young planners who were in a similar career stage as me. I met some amazing people that I’m proud to call my friends today.”

Phuong Luong


“Looking back I wish I had the opportunity to be part of The Gathering when I was first getting started. To be able to learn from people that have been in the industry for a long time and are passionate about its growth is amazing.”

Luis F. Rosa


“When I became a financial planner, The Gathering wasn’t yet conceived. It’s a privilege to serve as an ambassador here and to be able to share my experiences and thoughts on our industry and profession.”

Jeff Tomaneng


What is most special about The Gathering is that everyone in attendance is there to get better and improve as a person and as a planner. In other words, everyone at the event is speaking my language!

Taylor Shulte


“The financial planning industry is rapidly changing to meet the needs of a new generation of clients, and The Gathering seems to be the perfect solution for providing insight on those changes.”

Robert Castillo


The Gathering is a special event where the next generation has the opportunity to learn from each other and connect with more seasoned planners in environment designed to cultivate a rich and rewarding experience.

Lee Baker


My first Gathering was one of the most pivotal events in my career. I left that Gathering with clarity on my situation, questions I needed to answer and a network that would prove invaluable over the next several years.

Hannah Moore


Gathering is the most affordable financial planning conference – by design! Be sure to sign up and join us in New Orleans on June 2nd-4th.

Convince the Boss (even if that’s you!)

We can’t wait to meet you in New Orleans for the 2019 Gathering and know you will enjoy the conference. We also know that your manager or supervisor may want or need a bit more background on the value and importance of the event before they approve your attendance.


The FPA NexGen Gathering attracts the best and brightest from around the U.S.

The opportunity to learn from engaged and passionate financial planners, and to share those ideas with your colleagues upon your return may be worth the cost of admission alone.


Recognized thought leaders and top minds cover the topics and issues that matter most to new financial planners.

These opportunities for personal and professional development benefit the firms represented by our attendees. This is one of the primary reasons many firms send team members to Gathering each year.



The conference includes content specifically designed for planners new to the profession and draws a wonderful contingent of members from our FPA NexGen community each year.

Connecting with peers undergoing similar experiences and are at similar points in their careers, is likely to benefit not only the individual planner, but their organization as well.

We’ve also included a Word document for use in helping to justify your trip – just personalize, add the outstanding information, and send away.

We think Gathering is such a great conference that if your employer isn’t convinced, we want to help. Email [email protected]org or call 303-759-4900, and we will guide you or your employer through the benefits of FPA NexGen Gathering.​

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Get Conference Access

Space is limited and conference is expected to sell out!

NexGen Gathering – Costs to Attend

Our goal is to keep Gathering as affordable as we can make it. Your registration costs include attendance at the event, as well as lodging. Travel costs are not included. We’re looking forward to seeing you in New Orleans!

Early Bird – Ends April 1, 2019

FPA Member, Double Room: $399

FPA Member, Single Room: $474

Non-Member, Double Room: $499

Non-Member Single Room: $574

Advance – Ends May 1, 2019

FPA Member, Double Room: $449

FPA Member, Single Room: $524

Non-Member, Double Room: $549

Non-Member Single Room: $624

Regular – Ends when full

FPA Member, Double Room: $499

FPA Member, Single Room: $574

Non-Member, Double Room: $599

Non-Member Single Room: $674



Richard B. Wagner Memorial Scholarship – Details



Loyola University – Carrollton Hall

What does each day look like?

Completely Unofficial Schedule – watch for something official as Gathering gets closer!


Legal Stuff

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Cancellations must be made in writing. All refunds are based on U.S. dollars and postmark date of written request. Cancellations postmarked on or before May 13, 2018 will receive a full refund less a $50 processing fee. No refunds are given after May 13, 2019.

Photography & Videography

FPA reserves the right to video tape and/or photograph sessions, events and attendee activities at FPA NexGen Gathering for potential use in future marketing and collateral promotions.


Want to know more?

Check out the story of NexGen or… Listen to last year’s attendees share their Gathering experience.

Thank You

FPA would like to thank their partners for supporting the 2019 FPA NexGen Gathering.

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