Career Progression:

Are you on the path to growing your career as a financial planner? On the #YAFPNW podcast, we talk about developing a career path, developing your practice, and refining your practices. Don’t miss these episodes on progressing your financial planning career!

Leveraging Opportunities for Your Career

In this episode, Molly Balunek gives action items for financial planners to take when they’re looking to be the best CFP® professional – whether they want to develop a career track at their firm or eventually start their own business.

Forging a Path to Partnership

Adam Werner, CFP®, CPWA®, is a wealth advisor and Vice President of EP Wealth Advisors. In this episode, Adam joins Ian Harvey, CFP® to discuss the best ways to pursue leadership opportunities both inside and outside of the office. They also explore how to approach firm owners about ownership conversations and what to expect when you become a partner.

Merging Career Paths

When Shawn Tydlaska founded Ballast Point Financial Planning, he didn’t have plans of expanding and having to hire. However, as his business grew, it quickly became apparent that he needed help! In this episode, Shawn and his associate planner, Liz Plot, discuss hiring and getting hired at a small financial planning practice.

Showing Up: The Key for Successful Hires and Accomplished Careers

In this episode, Autumn and Jude go over their own experience with the hiring process, and how other advisors can successfully grow their teams in their own practices. They cover the tips and tricks that made their working relationship successful from the get-go, and the mistakes that many advisors fall into when hiring that can hurt the career progression of their new hire as well as the success of their firm.

A Mindset for Career and Succession Planning Success

Debbie Grose, CFP®, Chief Operating Officer of Lake Tahoe Wealth Management, is a dynamic woman in the world of financial planning. She’s passionate about mentorship, and has often led the charge when it comes to guiding new planners through successful careers. In this episode, Debbie is going over how her experience with succession planning went, what she would have done differently, and how new planners can start conversations around ownership in their own firm.

To Integrate and Flourish in a Financial Planning Firm

In this conversation, Kathy Longo and Michele Lenz each bring an incredibly unique perspective to #YAFPNW listeners. This is a fantastic episode for anyone interested in building a career path, who wants to scale a firm, or who is interested in growing their career as a planner into a future firm partner.

Professional Growth and Management

Yusuf Abugideiri, CFP®, is a Partner and Senior Financial Planner at Yeske Buie®. In this episode, he explores his own career growth, how he has both managed up, and managed employees, and how he’s grown as a financial planner through intentional mentorship.

Operations and You: Leadership, Culture, and Careers

Jarrod Upton joins Hannah Moore to discuss his passion for operations within the financial planning profession. From his previous experience, and current role as an operations consultant, Jarrod dives deep into what new planners need to know about operations and firm culture.

Career Paths in Banking: From Teller to Financial Planner

In this episode, Suzie Eyrich, CFP®, is shares her experiences at both an RIA and a bank that leads with financial planning. She also shows us how to grow your experience as a new planner and the best ways to confidently (and respectfully) advocate for yourself and the career you want.

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