Career Changing:

Are you in the midst of an exciting career transition? Let us help you to it and through it! Tune in to these #YAFPNW episodes to learn everything you need to know about changing careers within the financial planning industry.

Charging Clients for Exactly What They Want

In this episode, we talk to Kara Beth Vance, CFP®, who works as an advisor at hourly planning firm, Timothy Financial Counsel, in Wheaton, IL. She shares in the ins and outs of the hourly financial planning model, as well as how it benefits the firm, the advisors, and of course the clients.

Changing Careers and Finding Financial Planning Success

Valerie Adelman is a career changer at heart. In this episode, she guides fellow career changers through how to navigate the switch to financial planning. She walks us through her experience with prospecting, networking, growing two different financial service businesses, and how to leverage your past experiences to succeed in the financial planning profession.

Merging Career Paths

When Shawn Tydlaska founded Ballast Point Financial Planning, he didn’t have plans of expanding and having to hire. However, as his business grew, it quickly became apparent that he needed help! In this episode, Shawn and his associate planner, Liz Plot, discuss hiring and getting hired at a small financial planning practice.

A Mindset for Career and Succession Planning Success

Debbie Grose, CFP®, Chief Operating Officer of Lake Tahoe Wealth Management, is a dynamic woman in the world of financial planning. She’s passionate about mentorship, and has often led the charge when it comes to guiding new planners through successful careers. In this episode, Debbie is going over how her experience with succession planning went, what she would have done differently, and how new planners can start conversations around ownership in their own firm.

A Journey From Education to Financial Planning

Eugenié George is intentionally entering the financial planning profession. After a career in teaching and technology, she is pursuing the CFP® designation and looking at how to best break into the profession as a career changer. Join us as we follow Eugenié on her path to becoming a financial planner in 2019.

Virtual Paraplanning and Building Processes

Jen Pritchard had no idea that virtual paraplanning work was an option until she graduated college. Now, three years later, she works as a successful, full-time virtual paraplanner and operations consultant – and is thriving in her role!

Career Transitions with Ron Turner

Join us for this episode to hear what Ron did while he was at his former job to unknowingly help his transition to the industry and the struggles he faced as he started on his own firm.

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