About the #YAFPNW Podcast

New to financial planning? Want to be the best CFP® professional you can be? On You’re a Financial Planner, Now What? our hosts chat with financial planners and other professionals to explore weekly topics to fast track your career. From designations to business models to supporting your clients, hosts Hannah, Ian, Alexandria, and Matt are on a mission to share insights and information from across the profession. Their hope is to inspire you to be the best financial planner you can be, and to help you find your place within the profession.

Meet the Team

Hannah Moore is a Certified Financial Planner™ and owner of Guiding Wealth, a financial planning firm based in Dallas. She graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Financial Services and Planning and Business Management. She helped start the Dallas-Fort Worth FPA’s NexGen program, mentors younger financial planners, and moderates the FPA Activate Facebook community. She has been named Investment News’ 40 Under 40 and one of Financial Advisor’s 10 Young Advisors to Watch. 

Ian Harvey is a Certified Financial Planner™ excited about the future of the profession. After graduating from the financial planning program at Virginia Tech, Ian began working as an associate planner first in Pennsylvania and then in New York City. Today, he works as a financial planner in the Big Apple, where he’s focused on strategic planning for his firm’s clients. He is also highly involved in FPA’s NexGen efforts, where he has served as President-Elect, President, and Chair.

Alexandria Davis is a young planner on a mission! After earning her Bachelors of Science in Economics and a minor in Finance at California State University-Sacramento, she attended the Certified Financial Planning program at UC Davis. She is now a NexGen who is highly engaged in the Financial Planning Association (FPA), and was elected as President of NexGen, starting in 2020.

Matt Fizell is a paraplanner with an appreciation for everyone’s unique story. He originally went to college with the intent of becoming an engineer. Matt soon realized, though, that his true passion rested in understanding finances and breaking down taboos around money. He finished his CFP® program at UW-Madison in 2015 and currently practices as a Certified Financial Planner™. Matt is actively involved in the paraplanning program at Southern Methodist University and has served multiple financial planners through his paraplanning firm.

Charlie Moore is the producer, editor, and technical director for You’re a Financial Planner, Now What? He helps the hosts, coordinates the podcast, and makes sure everything on the tech side of things goes smoothly. He’s also married to Hannah Moore, original host of YAFPNW.

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